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Summary on minutes of meeting (MOM) among PCC, PEK, AZ-MIRVARI and local companies

The meeting on cooperation has been conducted on 16th February,2017 in Boulevard Hotel Baku among the head delegates of PCC,PEK of IRAN,AZ-MIRVARI LLC and various local companies & factories.

The main purpose of meeting was to introduce PCC to local companies moreover, to make cooperation and steady relations with them in strength of AZ-MIRVARI regarding supply and selling of petrochemical and chemicals products of Iran to AZERBAIJAN and CIS.

The meeting has initiated with opening speech of CEO of PCC, Mr. Sharifi Niknafs and continued with his presentation on PCC, its shares, cooperation with other petrochemical companies, projects and oversee offices. Mr. Sharifi Niknafs stated that PCC is the second largest Exporter in Iran as well as informed its success in the field of supplying and exporting of various petrochemical products to overseas. It was also emphasized PCC owns 12 trading and representative offices in China, India, Germany, UK, South Korea, UAE, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia. It was stressed that PCC has already started to export outputs to Azerbaijan and willing to proceed supplying of raw material with a large quantity through AZ-MIRVARI ahead.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sharifi Niknafs delivered information in regard with IRAN Petrochemical Industry as well. PCC has four domestic affiliated companies (PEK, PETC, APADANA PETRO BAZARGAN & SPEC) also stated in his speech.

Director of company of AZ-MIRVARI, Mr. Zolfi Bakhshali also gave a speech on joint cooperation with PCC, main activities and sales of newly established company.

In this way, the meeting continued within inquires on priority policy areas and it has been discussed and introduced proposals. Customers inquires’ especially based on convenient price offer, timely delivery of offered commodities, payment terms, quality & guarantee, possibilities of purchasing products with support of PCC throughout international market while Iran being unable to ensure products for export.   

Mr. Sharifi and Mr. Zolfi responded to all questions mentioned in above in details moreover, they suggested that for eliminating any issues due to price or supplying of raw material, list of demanded products should be delivered beforehand by customers. Mr. Sharifi also added the products which are not able in Iran can be ensured to customers in accordance with international market price by them oversee companies.

Furthermore, it has also been proposed presence of warehouse can be successful and it was stressed by Mr. Sharifi Niknafs later getting high quantity orders, set-up of centralized depot for different grades will be provided and professional Iranian engineers will visit to Baku for trainings and consulting soon.

Thus, discussions were held in favor of delivering high – quality products as well as expansion of business activities through Azerbaijan and CIS in future. 




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